Spanish sun

It was about a year ago that I was sitting under a palm tree, the hot sun on my face and just enjoyed where I was. Stony beaches and rocky cliffs lines the sea shore and we walked every day to the beach, enjoyed cold drinks by the water and forgetting all the worries we … More Spanish sun

Gun Awareness Day

Here in the Netherlands, Orange is a happy colour. Its the main color of many national holidays and is worn to many occasions during the year. Right now, however, it stands for something very different. Because people across the U.S.A. are trying to raise awareness of gun violence. Now I have never been to the … More Gun Awareness Day

Wanna study Psychology? 5 things you should know beforehand

Choosing your study field can have a lot of influence on your life. If you study physics you will probably no become a Opera singer and if you study Law, you might find it difficult to live and work in different countries with different Laws. Therefore, choosing the right degree can be difficult, stressful and … More Wanna study Psychology? 5 things you should know beforehand