A very German Christmas

This is another post from way back, that I will now post in June (the least Christmas-y time of the year):

I have just come back to a weekend trip to my hometown of Hannover in Germany and I am already really missing the Christmas spirit, so I thought I might share some of my favorite Christmas traditions from back home.

You see, in Germany, the four Sundays before Christmas are called ‘Advent’. On these days the families usually have a nice breakfast together(sometimes dinner or lunch, depending on the schedules) and light candles. On each advent one candle of the adventskranz is lit, making it four lit candles on Christmas.

Another nice tradition, which is making its way to other countries too, is the Adventskalender. Usually it’s a small paper box with different chocolates behind each of the 24 little doors that correspond to the 24 days of December before Christmas.

My favorite Tradition however is the Christmas market. While other countries try to imitate it (an example would be winter wonderland in London) it is a very unique tradition. Small wooden shops open along long streets and sell everything from the traditional Glühwein (eng. Mulled wine) over small wooden or glass figurines to bratwurst and other snacks. Not only is it a perfect place to buy small presents, it is also nice to just stride through the lit up streets after dark and listen to the Sternensänger (people singing Christmas songs, translated it would mean star singers)

While there are plenty other Christmas traditions that originally come from Germany, like the Christmas tree or the feuerzangenbohle ( a mix of mulled wine and alcohol, that gets set on fire) I wanted to keep this list short.

So, if you are planing your next trip in December, you should definitely consider coming to Germany for your own taste of these beautiful traditions.


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