An Irishman in Panama

Today, we got an amazing show of the luck of the irish (which, in case you don’t know, is bad luck, not good luck). When we woke up we were in blissful ignorance of the day we were going to have. We made our way to the canal, the sun shining down on the greenish water that connects the Pacific and Atlantic. While not necessarily capturing, the museum showed a nice overview of the canals history and we left in good spirits. We were going to meet up with an old friend of mine in the afternoon, but we still had some time so we decided to head to the causeway for a nice cool drink by the sea. But not even a glass of soda with plenty of ice cubes and a parasol could protect us from the burning mid days heat and I think this is where the bad luck began (At last we got to enjoy one last, delicious meal).

We called an uber, the best way to get around cheaply even when obviously foreign, and decided to get to the mall early and enjoy the air conditioning.


Once inside the mall though, we noticed that someone (cough *Jacques *cough) had forgotten their phone in the car. After many futile attempts to find or contact the driver we settled for locating it and saw it cruising the city in the ubers backseat.

It was around that time that Jacques started to complain about headaches and a general feeling of unease.

But we decided to ignore it and instead focus on happier things, like the meet up with a long lost friend. We stayed talking for almost two hours, telling stories and reminiscing old memories.

After a while Jacques seemed to have enough of girls screeching and laughing in a different language and set out to find himself some food, but came back with empty hands. It was only by the time that we said our goodbyes that Jacques confessed that he had tried to get some food but seemed to face a wall of language differences which then lead to him retreating in embarrassment from the counter (honestly though, it was a pizza shop, they could have figured he wanted a pizza, he even pointed at it!)

The day turned around slightly when we went for pizza afterwards and found out that the phone will hopefully be at the lost and found of the Uber office which we will visit first thing tomorrow. While still suffering the aftermath of a sunstroke, Jacques is currently chilling on the couch, a cold glass of water in one and a kindle in the other hand.

Wish us luck for tomorrow, we will need it.

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