Exploring Panama: Casco Viejo

Our first day in panama was spend a lot more productive than i had expected. After waking up early we walked to the nearest Mall, a gigantic place with as many stores as there exist, did some shopping (there are always things you forget) and ate some empanadas (meat or veggie filled dough) before moving on.

Next stop was the museo de la biodiversidad a bit outside of the main city. In a colourful building they tell Panamas story from the first time it resurfaced a few million years ago to the construction of the canal and show how the land was an important point for flora, fauna and trade.

The clouds had look quite ominous the whole day, but by the time we stepped out of the museum the weather seemed to have returned to normal and we decided to go for a stroll through the old part of town.

And so we drifted through the small streets and enjoyed the almost Caribbean vibe this place gives off. We walked through a small market by the sea, had a cold balboa (panamanian beer) and something named Raspado, which is made out of grated ice (the vendor has a big block of ice and a little metal device to grate it into a plastic cup) and differently flavoured syrup.

Finally, as it got a bit cooler, we headed out to the causeway and to one of my favourite restaurants called Leños y Carbon. And so we ate, laughed and awwed at a little raccoon who poked his head over fence, obviously having smelled the food.


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