Food experience in Amsterdam

hallen.jpgAmsterdam is a Tourist City. Boast filled with people run regularly on the Canals, Cheese and Flower shops line the streets and the Red Light District becomes a tourist Magnet as soon as the sun sets.

Amsterdam, is also an expensive City. After a day of walking around we often just want to collapse in the nearest Cafe or Restaurant for a bite to eat, even if that Sandwich may cost us 15+ Euros and even if that table is right beside a people packed street. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Now, you may want to take a tram here if you are to lazy for the 20 min walk (no judgement, I took the Tram). Once you get there, you find a few old industrial halls filled with this and that (one is even a library). The biggest one however, is filled with dozens of small shops, tables and chairs cluttered in between for the guests and plants and fairy lights hang off the ceiling. You can find anything from Tacos, to Pizza, to freestyle sushi creations, and as far as I have tried my way through those, its all great. You can check through all Offers here.

Less full, more original and surely cheaper than whatever you can find in the center.



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