(Halfway) around the world in 24 hours.

We started of two days ago, when we took a bus at 19.30 in Germany to bring us to Frankfurt airport.

We arrived just before midnight and had to somehow find something to do in the next 7 hours, before our flight actually took off. Number one for us was to get some food, and thankfully we found some good, old and unhealthy McDonalds.

However, tragedy struck when it turned out that Jacques had managed to get bitten by what has to be the only European bug that actually does something, and by one in the morning his food had doubled in size and turned a beautiful red. We cooled it, found some anti-inflammatory and decided to settle down for the night.

And now, let me tell you something about sleeping at the airport. Everyone there is tired and stressed and no one will care if you look like a hobo, so forget the chairs. Yes, they might be able to save you some pride when falling asleep, but let’s be honest, they are not comfortable.

So instead, get your bags and just throw yourself on the ground somewhere in a corner and ignore the condescending stares. Much more comfy and you don’t have to try to fold your whole body in a way to fit the tiny 30×30 cm space of an airport seat.

The flights themselves turned out to be just fine, spend with watching movies, dozing of and wondering about that one island we found about 4 hours after we took off . ( It turned out to be Ilha de Sao Miguel)

So after queues and more queues and even more queues we finally managed to get from Frankfurt to Madrid and from Madrid to Panama, where we landed in middle of lush green trees and grey clouds, showing of that this country doesn’t need the sun to be really freaking hot.


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