How my boyfriend lost my phone

trees.jpgFirst of all, the picture I put up with this does actually have something to do with the story.

So, today we decided to go and visit the dunes a bit north of where I live. Beautiful I must say. Absolutely beautiful. It looks like straight out of a safari catalog: blue skies, soft sand and a lonely tree or bush hidden between the sandy hills. We biked past tiny villages and green forests to get there, enjoyed the sun of the first warm day of the year and even found our way through the small forest that surrounds this natural phenomenon. 

We took of our shoes, dumped the bikes and took a walk through the cool sand while the sun shone down on us, enjoying to be outside.

It was so peaceful we didn’t even really talk. As someone who spends most of her time in a city it can be very nice to get out into nature like this. And it was quiet. So quiet that talking felt like ruining the whole thing.

We sat down, leaned back and enjoyed the first bits of summer before deciding to get back to the bikes. My Plan had been to take some nice picture of the place (and my outfit. You cant see it but just imagine it was super cool).

However, by the time we got back to our bikes and I asked my boyfriend for my phone back, it was gone. We walked all the way back to where we had been sitting but it was no where to be found, so it seems like it will be lost forever.

Maybe in a few decades some intergalactic archeologist will find it, see the terrible selfies I have saved on it and judge all of humanity. So, sorry for that guys.

But yes. By now we are back home and the sky is filled with stormy clouds. So at least the weather fits the mood.

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