Exploring Panama: La India Dormida


pathpiccriver heriver meIn the valley there is a mountain chain called la india dormida. It got its name because the peaks slightly resemble the profile of a sleeping woman. It is probably one of the most well known mountains in panama, and yesterday we hiked all the way to its top.

I say hike, but really, it was rock climbing, mud slides and pulling yourself up the long roots of trees.

Our alarm went of at 6.30 in the morning

By 8 we were showered, dressed and on our way to the mountain site. We picked up some hojaldras, Panamanian fried dough and marveled at the mountains as we approached them, many of them hidden from sight by fog and low clouds.

The little path started quite similar to most, but quickly turned into an almost treacherous half path, past waterfall, rivers, through mud and across moist and slippers rocks.

That, plus the tropical humidity really made this hike a challenge. But once we got to the top…

We had a view over the whole valley and beyond and were greeted by cool winds blowing over the mountain peak. We stayed for like half an hour before going back down. The way back, while easier in terms of strength, showed its own difficulties when we slipped more than once, especially at the steeper parts of the path, which each seemed to leave its on mud mark on my leg.

We arrived so sweaty and dirty, that we couldn’t resist the temptation of the clear mountain rivers and decided to take a quick dip, clothes on and everything.

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