London Hot spot: Sketch

If you are not from London, you probably haven’t heard of this place. Its like a small little secret, packed away in a side alley right around the corner from Oxford street. Though the general public may not know of it, it is still quite a celebrity hot spot, with people like Taylor Swift, the Kardashian-Jenners or Selena Gomez, as just some of its guests.

And who could be surprised? The interior of this super chic Restaurant differs from Room to Room, each one unique, fantastic and absolutely magical. (And I mean EACH. The bathroom is probably the most crazy out of them all)

We have Pink Dreams, Green Forests and Easter Egg hunts as just some of the Themes. Now, a place like this is not cheap, which is why I cannot recommend to actually go for Dinner, but if you got some money left, definitely slip in for a tea and biscuits in the afternoon.


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