The Cellar Door Club: London’s naughty, little Secret

Sit back and let me tell you a quick something about one of London’s most well kept secrets. You have heard of Big Ben, of The London Eye, of The British Museum. This is better. Hidden away in plain sight, you just walk down a few stairs to what used to be an Underground Toilet on one of London’s Streets, and is now a Cabaret Show without comparison. The space is small, dimly lit and full of Music. Drag Queens and Cabaret dancers offer shows multiple times a week, and ride the thin line between classy and trashy.

Drinks flow all night long, snacks are also available at the Bar and you feel like a real Londoner, far away of the Tourist Chaos that awaits at all those mainstream sightseeing locations.

So, if you are are over 18, don’t have a jealous girlfriend/boyfriend, and are looking for some excitement, this might be just what you need.

Find the next show:


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