We run the World

I originally wrote this one International Girls day, and when I redid my site, I could not bear to throw it out, so here it is, now posted on the 4. of June.

I love girls. No, I am not coming out as gay here, I am just saying it how it is. And considering that today is the international day of the girl, I thought I should exactly that.

Women have to fight against discrimination all the time, espacial y if you are a woman of color. While I do have a mixed background, I come after my dad and pass as a Caucasian and cannot even imagine how hard it can be if you are not. We are expected to always be lovely, be nice, know how to cook and dress up all the time. Even these days women earn less than men, and get promoted less often. Furthermore, we still have to ask to not be sexually assaulted or raped and to have the right to decide over our bodies, and some people are still denying us even this request.

So, while we have so many reasons to be bitter and skeptic, we aren’t. Women are caring, we help others whenever we can and support each other our whole lifes. We grow up as daughters, become girlfriends and wife’s (if that what you want) and maybe even mothers and grandmothers. We are the ones that carry a child in us and the ones that bring it in this world.

But we are also so much more than that. We are entrepreneurs, engineers, Artists, Human rights activists, Presidents, Teachers, Lawyers, Judges, Doctors and Soldiers.


Out of personal experience I can tell of times when you met girls while being out, at a party or even in the bathroom of a club and instantly befriend them. Girls welcome you into their middle without questioning and give you a space where you can talk about everything. We compliment each other on hair and clothes, help each other over a breakup and support each other in times of illness and tragedy.

However, and this also has to be said, there can be horrible women. Women who abuse their boy and girlfriends, women who suppress other women and their choices and women who kill and hurt others. We know that. We know, not every woman is good, is innocent. That is why we are not expecting others to treat us like we are better. We just want to be treated equally.  For the end of this I want to mention some very special women and girls in my life: The first one is my mother, who is the strongest women I know. Even though she had so many bad things in her life, she is still the kindest and happiest Person. 👩Then there is my cousin, who is currently expecting her second child, my cousin who is currently far away from home, and my cousin who raised her own son as a young, single mother. And of course my many friends here in uni, who decided to leave home to pursue their education. 📚

I love you all and hope to be as awesome as you are some day.

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