Exploring Panama: Playa Venao And Isla Iguana.



s beach

blue beach

I haven’t really been writing much in the last few days because, honestly, i didn’t want to. I was busy enjoying beaches and food, so updating you hasn’t been my priority. But now, I am soon leaving for a few nights on an island and thought I might as well use the wifi I got.
On saturday, we made our trip down the peninsula and onto a boat that brought us to Isla Iguana, a beautiful little island which is also a nature reservoir. While it has been named after the Iguanas living on it, the way more impressive wild life spectacle you can find are the thousands of thousands of crabs, big and small. While they shy away from humans, they immediately take up almost every empty space and get curious when you fall asleep. The latter can end in a very shocking awakening when you feel tiny legs starting to climb you.
Of course the island has more to offer, like beautiful crystal clear water, white sand beaches and a small path leading to the other side of the island where we took an walk over rock heated cliffs and met a very stubborn cactus, growing right through it.
A bit too much fun can easily make you forget certain things, and so i got home with crispy red shoulders and a face that looked like i just finished the workout of my life.
The worries were soon forgotten and the next day we headed to the next beach, where we would stay for a night.
The beach, called Playa Venao, is located in a small bay and beside hostels, restaurants and waves also offers the view on whales jumping out of the water in the distance as they swam by the peninsula and into the Panamanian golf.

The Place we stayed at was beautiful, with a possibilities of sleeping in small colorful huts or tents, with a small pool by the beach and an just all around lovely atmosphere. So, if you are going, you should check it out here. Colourful huts and a pool make it an amazing place even if the weather might not cooperate completely.
We spend a beautiful and amazing 24 hours here, sleeping in a tent and relaxing, but adventure calls so we will head out soon.

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