Wanna study Psychology? 5 things you should know beforehand

Choosing your study field can have a lot of influence on your life. If you study physics you will probably no become a Opera singer and if you study Law, you might find it difficult to live and work in different countries with different Laws.

Therefore, choosing the right degree can be difficult, stressful and overshadowed by the fear of later regret.

I knew that I wanted to study Psychology since I was 15 years old and checked out a Book on forensic Psychology from the public Library.

Still, there were some things that still surprised me when I started studying and I decided to share my own experiences for all of you who are still searching for their answer to the dreaded question “ What are your plans for the future?”

  1. At least one class each Semester is Maths

I am not trying to scare you, but that was something I had to come to terms with. In high school I hated Maths class, and I had more than one breakdown during late night Stats Revision. It is however possible and necessary and if you look past the numbers and think about what you can actually accomplish with it, it sounds almost interesting.


  1. Biology will get complicated.

I neither loved nor hated Biology in high school, but once I had to learn the exact dosage, use, advantage and disadvantage of 30 different hormones and enzymes, my feelings grew quite strong in one direction (guess which one).


  1. It’s so diverse

My University offers 9 possible specializations raging from Neuropsychology to economic Psychology. Don’t believe that studying Psychology will automatically lead to you asking your patient “And how does that make you feel?” while they cry their eyes out.

It’s a field so wide that you will definitely find something you like.


  1. It gets almost creepy.

What comes to mind on this point was one Exam I was taking just before Christmas. It was the evening before and I was revising with my mum in the kitchen. My poor, poor brother got freaked out after a while because he could clearly recognize his own behaviours and thoughts in the phenomena I was describing. Ranging from Biases to Heuristics to decision making, you will feel like a fool once you realize all of those little things you do and think are by no mean random or unique.


  1. Often the answer is ‘I don’t know’

Now, this might be a little confusing with the point above, but it’s true that psychology is often no exact science. While many things can be described and observed, many other Theories go: We think this might be why, but honestly we got no idea. I can’t tell you how many times I had to remember 3 or 4 rivaling theories on the same behaviour with no one being able to tell me which one to believe.

I hope this helped you a bit and gave you some clarity if you had Psychology as an Option.

Good luck with your Search and I hope that you take the right decision.

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