Gun Awareness Day

Here in the Netherlands, Orange is a happy colour. Its the main color of many national holidays and is worn to many occasions during the year.

Right now, however, it stands for something very different. Because people across the U.S.A. are trying to raise awareness of gun violence. Now I have never been to the US and I am not planning on going until a certain (funnily enough also orange) someone loses power. But I think that it is still an important topic that concerns people across the world, so we shouldn’t ignore it.

In 2016 64% of all homicides in The USA were gun related. (compared to 4.5% in England, and 30.5% in Canada) This Gun violence does not only occur in form of mass shootings. for example, only 71 people died in a situation like that, while 14.415 people died of homicide which usually only included two people, more details to that can be found here. Often these situations arise out of emotions and are rarely planned to end the way they do. Which is also why it is stupid to say that stricter gun laws would have no influence.

Do you honestly believe that someone shooting and killing someone could not be stopped by simply removing the murder weapon from the equation?

As someone who has never had anything to do with guns and never ever wants to, it boggles my mind how people don’t see this. How is is such a crazy thing to propose? And how can it be that some people value possibility to easily buy a gun over the life of someone else? After all,l stricter gun Laws would not lead to the complete removal. If you are a sane person, who simply enjoys using his gun at a shooting range you can still purchase it. It will just take a bit more time. and if you really don’t want to spend more time on purchasing a gun, then how much do you really want it?

I hope that soon, we won’t have to argue about these things anymore. That we won’t have to see children and parents and sibling and friends be murdered for nothing, while a country keeps running in circles.





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