Why Kindness matters

This will be short, mostly because I honestly can’t believe that it has to be mentioned at all.

The Internet can be a cruel place.

People suddenly feel like they have the right to comment on every picture, comment or post you put up while we just want to share our experiences with the world. You might say “If you put things online, you have to expect people to comment on it”, but I believe that that should never be used as an excuse to be mean spirited and hateful. These are people that have nothing better to do than go online and comment on things that have no influence on their lives. Be it they comment on someone’s weight, someone’s level of undress or way of life. As long as that Person isn’t hurting anyone with what they do, you have no right to criticize them. In these situations you can often think of the Rule: ‘If you have nothing nice to say, just stay quiet’

I’m not saying don’t be honest, I just mean that when you see someone with nice hair: Tell the. If you like the way someone laughs: Tell them. And if you are really appreciating a friend: tell them. It only brings positive things. 

I hope you all take this to heart and have a beautiful Day.

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