Style Evolution or why Colour is Beautiful

Style and Fashion does not only change across history, but also during our own Life.

In middle school clothes of most people are awkward and chaotic.

In highschool then, at least for me, it usually meant to try and not stick out, so I stuck to beige, black and greys. It was quite sad to be honest and I am happy it changed.

I believe it was quite a sign that the first time I changed my look dramatically was right after highschool, just before prom when I knew that no matter what, I would never have to go back to school. I spend the summer as a blonde, switched from one coloured grey shirts to colourful ones and begann University with a quite different fashion sense than beforehand.

Then, I met my now Boyfriend Jacques and he probably and one of the biggest influences on me. He wore all the patterns and colours and did not care that he would often stand out of a mass, and I loved it. So, little by little I put myself out there. Got enough confidence to pick purple sneakers and golden platform shoes and picked dresses and shirts that would have made my highschool me shudder in fear. Now my closet is full of all the colours of the rainbow and I am so happy.

Colours put you out there, make you stand out and can make you look amazing and stylish. I like taking pictures and even went back and got my hair bleached once again just today, because I needed a new dramatic style change in my life. Now, often my go to style is Jeans and a print shirt, which comes from laziness more than anything but whenever I feel like I want to dress up, colour is defiently my go to. Of course, brown and creme can still be wonderfully elegant in some cases, just like a classic black and white.

But, if you are browsing the shops soon for new outfits, think about switching it up. 😁

Also, no shaming for old photos, I am trusting you here guys!

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