The best Heatwave Outfits.

I hope all of you have survived the heatwave that had gripped Europe last week. It was hot and humid and just getting out of bed made me sweat, which meant that often getting dressed was a question of: what would touch me the least? So, I thought I might give it a though and be prepared for the next wave(and with climate change, it is actually 5x more likely to happen)

Lets start with some precautions you wanna take.
1. Sunburns
while I completely understand wanting to wear nothing but a tank top and shorts, it will still get you, and a sunburn can make an already uncomfortable situation even worse.
2. Chaffing
This one doesn’t apply to all ladies and Gentlemen out there, but Chaffing is extremely uncomfortable and even painful. Basically, it is what happens when you thighs rub against each other while you walk. Over a longer time, and especially when sweating, it can lead to small wounds on the inside of your thighs that you will feel for up to a month after.
Now, lets get some outfit ideas.

Short and Tank top, are the obvious choice.
In the heat however it is best to chose some loose fitting ones, rather than Daisy Dukes or tight tops. There are some super cute tops you can buy here at H&M that are Satin and will keep you cute and fresh.

Lose pants.
Skip the Jeans and chose some linen pants. Not only do they look amazing but they are especially helpful if you have a Problem with Chaffing, like I do. Check some out here. They are so airy, you won’t have that restricted feeling that you often get from Jeans and (if high waisted) can easily give you an hourglass silhouette while hiding a bit of belly.

Dress/ Skirt.
I don’t think I have to say much to this one. They are called Summer dresses for a Reason. Just a quick tip, if you want, wear a pair of Boxers underneath to keep your thigs away from each other.

Sandals and Slippers.
There are few things more uncomfortable than having a sweaty foot and knowing you wont be home until tonight. To avoid that, Sandals are an easy fix. If however, you don’t want to go for completely open shoes (work dress code, semiconscious about feet or whatever else) then Slippers are the Perfect replacement. Pick whichever style you want and look classy and relaxed.

White clothing can be tricky. On one side, its a super nice and elegant colour that won’t make you heat up as quickly as darker tones do, on the other side it gets dirty very quickly (think fruits or a day at the lake) and can also develop some very unfortunate yellow sweat marks. Now, you will sweat anyways, no matter what you wear, and so will everyone else, but when they start getting yellow, it starts looking rather grimy. Best is to just see what you have planned for the day and maybe avoid them if you are gonna go strawberry picking or Gardening (Duh!)

Things to always have on hand.
This can usually be numbered down to the following three: A light Jacket, Sunglasses, Hair Tie/ small scarf. Because even ( or especially) when the sun is screaming down at you exposed shoulders can be your worst enemy. A light Jacket can be your best friend and will also be there for you once the evening makes the air a bit cooler. Sunglasses are Sunglasses, you guys know how to use them. And a hair tie will save you from a sweaty neck. A nice subsidy would also be a headscarf, that can be used as tie or a headband and gives your Look something a bit more special.

I hope you are well prepared should the temperatures soar again. Do you have any more ideas? Just leave me a comment đŸ˜€

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